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acting as if

come again another day

~ here lies a tale that will not lie down ~

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G’nite my best guy

The Troyeville Bedtime Story is stretching itself out along Albertina Sisulu Road. Because that other guy was wrong says Dear Johannes. It is not the end of the world. Unless we missed it.

When you go to sleep think of me says #lesfolies, thinking of you, oh holy Moses.

And if you toss and turn and the day will not go away, remember that affectionate, generous shin splint and arthritic services for mutts are all available in your neighbourgood. #lesfolies loves the way Johannes carries you.

You may as well. #lesfolies can hear you thinking: I bet she says that to all her millions of suitors.

If you are new around here you might want to read backwards, from the beginning … the mind bloggles

trigger happy

it was a long time ago. he was much bigger than me. he worked in the city and he had a ferrari. and yes it was red.

when he left he took each and every single financial record and all and any evidence of work done in the decade prior, with him to where he ensconced himself. in a live broadcast studio in the bespoke penthouse of another white building on the other side of town. there was not a newfangled thing he did not acquire.

we used to sit and listen to him making interminable speeches about bicycles going round being the same as the complexities of international trading in the same one-thousand seater where they had the annual pantomime. in a spotlight. at a lectern. with a logo on it. afterwards, every one would go up to him and tell him how great he was over cold processed slices of meat on toothpicks with an olive. and sausage rolls warmed up to burn your heart to ash at three the next morning. the discussions were tender and no one dreamed of asking who the blonde was, though when the finger food was finished they were caught with their pants down in the car in the parking lot because security mistook him for a hairy bum trying to hotwire the ferrari.

one beautiful morning i took him by the scruff of his neck, twisted his tie around his head, and hurled him flat onto the bored room table. and then, with my knee up his adam’s apple, and my face in his face, as fast as you could say was he really once in charge of all the money, i zikked off his moustache. i knew it was attached by velcro.

you see.

i never shot anyone though. that was Dear Johannes. He shoots up the sky that guy. gets me. right between the eyes.

#lesfolies is aware these lyrics are different from Cher’s original, but if you listen closely you can almost hear the strains of the Nancy Sinatra cover.

My baby shoot me down.

throws in swimming pool free

paris, troyeville

In which movie, says #lesfolies does Dear Johannes remember everything even the secrets he was never told?

You keep coming out of the desert at Darras, Texas, with your memory in tatters said the voice who always wants to know where is my pen?

Write it down when you find it he told her. Write everything. Write your love. Nevermind if it is left unread. You will never know if you have been muted anyway.

they are playing our song

No one could think straight it was so quiet

The silence boom across the city

So loud #lesfolies has to close her eyes

I heard you the first time she said

Jo writes all over

Johannes has always had his way with words and these are for you, on the occasion.

Inspired by Olaf Breuning’s beautiful work Complaining Forest, the man has spent many days now bending and painting sticks with Zenzele. Right now he is also bending over leaves though this is not yet shown.

Olaf wrote to say he is pleased to be of service. So is #lesfolies.

Low art

Tolstoy, says #lesfolies in quite a deep voice, wrote that empathy for decadent members of the ruling class makes society worse, rather than better. Here is Bongani, an artreprenuer in Troyeville selling work appropriate to the game reserves of the society in which we have become befallen. We are not sure of his rain plan says Johannes who is, himself, working in the cave so as to keep dry. He is making high art for the masses with Zenzele and not a cent spent.

Zandspruit in Troyeville

A lovely letter comes from Derin Adebulehin who works at the most interesting office of Young People in International Affairs and whose job it is, amongst other things, to engage.

Derin is intent on making imagination work in Zandspruit. Of course #lesfoies and DearJ were a bit blissed out by her missive. The Troyeville Bedtime Story and Candy Chang’s Before I Die. Yeah bebe.

Zandspruit is in the Deep North and it sure seems like the-unkind-of-place you might want to be neighbourly about. It is a bit rough out there, being a lots of people who live in a crazy small spilling-over squatter camp near the Lion & Rhino Park. But then people used to say that about Troyeville. Hey Jo. And we just made our own game reserve. Hey Jo said #lesfolies again. He just gave her one of those looks.

It was not long after we received her first message, before Derin and her colleague, himself by the name of Rudi with an eye, were found taking time out to discuss their dreams in public. There was also a Leon present, a philosopher from Monash University, from where Derin just graduated. But he is not in this picture, even though he is fully in it you can tell when you meet him.

And if that was not enough, Derin introduced #lesfolies to a leader of The Church in the Castle up the road opposite the Spar, so that we can also engage here at home, mostly, they both hope, about the big rubbish dumping going on near this most busiest place of worship. Derin goes to that very church and she is determined to make herself useful, a character trait that has endeared her whole self into The Troyeville Bedtime Story ~ by her very nature. Actually, #lesfolies is quite keen to evangelise the entire congregations of the worlds towards visible neighbourliness. Rabbi Perkier Than Usual.

We join Derin in looking forward to what is really going on in Zandspruit

Speaking of which: Some folks followed the To See More sign at the bed on this very day and came to the Troyeville Tea Garden to do exactly that. Ms M Mhlanga hosted them around as if the reserve was an accredited arts and culture destination. She’s very good that Martha. At everything.

Actually, #lesfolies is quite keen to evangelise the entire congregations of the worlds towards visible neighbourliness. Rabbi Perkier Than Usual.

found revolution

Zenzele Simelane, who had his picture taken once, high up, on a time by Tjo Highness, came seeking us out with proof:

The Troyeville Bedtime Story joined the revolution without its own knowledge. Zenzele is the bearer of this significant news, something he found inspiring in light of the missive in sticks.

Found in a last Sunday’s Sun which is how it is this crisp winter.


by the time you get to bed you may find one or both gone

come to bed soon Dear Johannes

#lesfolies is pleased to post these lovely missives from #sweetscaroline her own self. in exchange for the really inside stories from Jo, she, and an accomplice of her own whose name is known to #lesfolies, left these nipple-lindts.

Our lips are sealed.